Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Green Peptide Synthesis

Since my transition from academia to industry I have completely shifted my focus from medicinal chemistry and chemical biology to chemical process development for Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. It has been a huge change and hard work getting up to speed but well worth it. As I am sure you can imagine switching you 50 ml RBF out with 1000 litre reactor potentially results in a massive environmental impact of your process so you really have to consider your chemistry very carefully. In my new position we are particulalrly interested in large scale manufacturing of therapeutic peptides and really strive to reduce our environmental impact. We have just published an open access review entitled "Greening the synthesis of peptide therapeutics: an industrial perspective" that I would like to share. In addition to providing a comprehensive review of the field we describe our view on the requirements for a green peptide manufacturing platform. We have several papers describing our endeavours in this area coming our in the beginning of 2021 that I look forward to sharing. D!