Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yes, yes, yes I know Curly Arrow hasn't exactly been a hive of activity lately. Trust me it isn't because I spend my evenings sipping red wine and watching the sun set. There's a post in the making on tethered amino-hydroxylations so come back tomorrow and check it out. Until then have a look at this most interesting Monkey Distribution Map.
You'll notice that neither Europe nor North America has any monkeys. Where I used to work we saw many similarities between PhD students and monkeys (except monkeys have better lives). However, this is clearly not reflected on this map. Anyway, serious stuff tomorrow. D!


Egon Willighagen said...

Exceptions for Europe: Gibralta (GB rock on south side of Spain); for and North-America... what are those two monkeys with dumb faces from then?

Daniel Sejer said...

Yes, Gibraltar is an interesting case. Since it wasn't highligthed on the map I assumed they had been introduced at some point. D!

Anonymous said...

I know of at least one great ape in australia. Well at least he walks like one and has the simian temperament. However, I think calling him 'the missing link' is a bit flattering.