Monday, April 23, 2018

Industrial Postdoc in Chemical Development of Green Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis

It's been awfully quiet here in recent years. However, you readers are still very active on the blog and it clearly continues to be a good resource for synthetic organic chemistry students, which is great. Last year I decided to say goodbye to my University career and move on to a position in the pharmaceutical industry. I've had a lot of questions regarding why I did so. It's a rather long story so I will reserve that for another time. Anyway, to get to the point the reason for posting is that I am looking for a Postdoc for our department. If you are an experienced peptide chemist interested in joining our team and can see yourself having a career at Novo Nordisk in Denmark in the long term you should have a look at our job ad hereD!


Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations on your move. Second, I am not qualified for the advertised job.

I would love to work for an industrial RnD setup in organic chemistry. However, being outside of EU limits my options. I am well trained, at least, on par within the main flow of the applicants. Do you think that people like me, have any opportunity to work at what we were trained within EU?

Thank you very much for your comments in advance.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sejer said...

@Anon.: You most definitely have an opportunity to get work in the EU. Where I work and in other Danish pharma and biotech companies many foreigners are employed (also from outside the EU). Where I work this is most evident in R&D. Of course competing directly against national and EU applicants is tough and if there is no clear advantage in hiring you it is much more convenient to go for a EU citizen. Obviously there is a language barrier so I imagine that it would be harder to get a job in certain EU countries if you only speak English. However, in northern Europe communicating in English is normal. I have even worked in a Danish company were the official company was English. Another hurdle is that you most likely would have to do your first interview by Skype, which is tricky. It just works much better to meet people in person.
Anyway, my advice is to apply for jobs and show that you are willing to also learn the native language (if employed) so that you can integrate better. In the current job posting all nationalities are treated on equal terms and there are definitely more qualified chemists outside than inside the EU so I would be very surprised if we didn't invite non-EU applicants for interviews. D!