Friday, March 09, 2007

Gurrs Microscopical Stains and Reagents

Don't you just love the way they used to store chemicals back in the day when men where men and women were women? We use a fair bit of Rose Bengal as a triplet sensitiser for the photochemical synthesis of 1,2-dioxines from dienes and oxygen. At the moment we are using some top-quality Rose Bengal from the world renowned chemical supplier Gurr:
Chemicals just don't come in containers like this anymore. If Sherlock Holmes ever used Rose Bengal he would most certainly have been a Gurr-man. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a new catalogue from George T. Gurr. I did however find this add for his products in Journal of Physiology (March 1953, Vol. 119, No. 4):
I wonder what happened to goode olde George and his microscopical reagents. D!


chris said...

A student once told me he was looking for Bengal Rose, which I assume is an Asian lady of somewhat dubious reputation :-)

Synhro Makes said...

yo, i have two of these acridine orange and malachite green.. i found it somewhere in very old stuffs- what is this things? looks like a paint from minerals? do i must add water and then paint with it?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use Acridine Orange as paint - it is used for staining DNA, and is a known MUTAGEN.