Sunday, October 18, 2009

Curly Arrow - Established 18th October 2006

Three years later. I'm surprised that I still manage to keep Curly Arrow alive. The reason that things are still happening is you guys that read my stuff and send me some very positive and enthusiastic emails. I'm getting a lot of hits from Google and the blog appears to have a tremendous impact. For example if you do a Google search on Click Chemistry you'll see the Wikipedia entry as the top hit followed by Curly Arrow. Curly Arrow has a higher rating than the original literature on Click Chemistry! So I guess I'll just keep at it and see what happens. I have listed the stats for the past year below. Numbers are up but the top 10 visitors (that I can identify) haven't changed much. The major difference is that the only company (GSK) is out and that Japan has made an entry. I can see a whole bunch of european networks that I get a ton of hits from and I suspect that certain German Universities should be on the list. As a consequence this year I have also included top 10 contries that visit the blog. D!
From 18th October 2008 to 18th October 2009
Absolute unique visitors: 28,799 (previous year 21,250)
Total visits: 50,230 (138 Visits/Day) [previous year 37,513 (103 Visits/Day)]
Average time on site: 1:45 minute (previous year 1:28 minute)
The 10 most frequent visitors identifiable:
(1) Princeton University (last year: Princeton University)
(2) Scripps Research Institute (last year: Scripps Research Institute)
(3) Oxford University (last year: Oxford University)
(4) Ohio State University (last year: University of Cambridge)
(5) Kyoto University (last year: Flinders University)
(6) State University of New York at Buffalo (last year: State University of New York at Buffalo)
(7) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (last year: Carleton University)
(8) University of Cambridge (last year: GlaxoSmithKline)
(9) University of Melbourne (last year: University of California Santa Barbara)
(10) University of California Irvine (last year: University of California Irvine)
Top 10 countries that visit the blog:
(1) United States (18,651 visits)
(2) United Kingdom (5,076 visits)
(3) Germany (3,109 visits)
(4) Canada (2,648 visits)
(5) Australia (2,588 visits)
(6) Denmark (2,414 visits)
(7) India (1,856 visits)
(8) Japan (1,081 visits)
(9) Sweden (932 visits)
(10) New Zealand (926 visits)


Med Chem said...

congratulation for completing 3rd year and best wishes for coming years too.

krest17 said...

congratulations and all the best

KKuan said...

Hooray! Keep it coming Dan!

Unknown said...

The median time (or the middle 50%) time spent on the site may be a more meaningful statistic because the mean time can distorted by extremes!